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   Issue 01-12

December 2012   







AGM guest speaker Ernie Perkins, Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures. The title of his talk was Rumours of Its Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: Global Carbon Capture is Alive and Well.




Leadership Seminar

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 The Best of the Season to All! 


This issue of Alberta Chemist presents a summary of ACPA activities and accomplishments over the past year, including our participation in the CSC2012 conference in Calgary, the successful presentation of our first course in ethics for chemists and the development of a several new ACPA membership categories. We hope that makes interesting reading for you.

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AGM 2012


For those of you that missed the ACPA AGM in Nisku, the following are some highlights from the last year. If you are interested in more details, the minutes of the 2012 AGM are posted on the ACPA website. 



ACPA members enjoy lunch at the AGM in Nisku.

Professional Ethics for Chemists


The ACPA's first course in professional ethics was held in conjunction with the CSC conference in Calgary. The one-day course and exam were successfully completed by 28 chemists. The Ethics course will be offered again in 2013 and will become a mandatory requirement for regulated membership categories in the future.



ACPA members receive Professional Ethics for Chemists course certificate.


CSC2012 - Calgary 


A highly successful national chemistry conference was held in May 2012 in Calgary. ACPA members were well represented in organizing and attending the conference.


Our thanks go out to the ACPA members who helped set up the ACPA Exhibition Booth and to staff the booth for 2.5 days. Conference attendees showed considerable interest and had lots of questions. 


A well-attended two-day Industrial Symposium featured sessions on the Chemistry Behind the Oil Sands,Innovation in Industrial Chemistry and Technology, and Innovation in IC and Technology.


A highlight for many was the Professional Chemists Meet 'n' Greet co-sponsored by the ACPA and the Saskatchewan chemists.





Professional Chemists Meet 'n' Greet - Calgary


NEW Membership Categories


New regulated membership categories were approved by a vote of the ACPA members at the AGM. These new categories have been forwarded to the Alberta government for approval and will make the ACPA a more inclusive organization for chemists. More information is available on the ACPA website under membership.


Please note that all membership applications should now be submitted though the ACPA website. Just click on the 'Join Now' button on the home page and follow the instructions.




Meet Your President - Chris Swyngedouw


Chris SwyngedouwThe ACPA President for 2012-2013 is Dr. Chris Swyngedouw. Chris has been a member of the ACPA since about 1991 and served two previous terms on the Board of Directors.


Chris is the Group Technology Leader in Chemistry for Exova and works out of their Calgary office. As the in-house scientific consultant for the company, he helps with setting up experimental plans, interpreting results and performing statistical analyses. He gives advice and voices options for both external scientific research and for internal projects such as method validations, determining method detection limits and setting quality control objectives. As the company leader in chemistry, he provides direction with technical standards, quality requirements and implementing best practice strategies as well as hiring and recruiting of staff. 


Chris has a passion for chemistry and loves to give presentations to kids at school or judge the projects of budding scientists at science fairs.


Chris values his P.Chem. status for the collaborative opportunities with other professional chemists and for the help with his career progression. "Exova now recognizes me as a professional and this brings with it a bit of prestige. In that aspect I have become a role model. As a mentor and internally recognized leader, I can help others."


We look forward to a good year under Chris's leadership as President.




ACPA Announcements


Executive Director 

The ACPA has hired its first official part-time Executive Director. Past-President Kathy Janzen officially resigned from the Board of Directors on December 1, 2012 to take up the new position. Many thanks to Roger Cowles, Shane Harnish and Chris Swyngedouw for the many hours spent preparing documentation, reviewing and interviewing applicants.



Trent Parks, our Registrar for many years, has taken a temporary leave of absence from his position. Patrick Kalita, a long serving member of the ACPA Registration Committee, has kindly agreed to take on the responsibilities of the Registrar in Trents absence. 


Congratulations Saskatchewan Chemists!

The Association of the Chemical Profession of Saskatechewan (ACPS) was incorporated this fall. Visit their website at




ACPA Short Course on Flow Assurance Chemistry


In October, the ACPA ran a highly successful two-day short course in Calgary on Flow Assurance Chemistry (the chemistry associated with assuring the flow of heavy oils in pipelines and processing systems). The course focused on the precipitation and deposition of waxes and asphaltenes along with the techniques for deposit prevention and remediation.


If you missed the course in Calgary, this course will be repeated in Edmonton on March 12 and 13, 2013 (tentative dates). 


Stay tuned for more information in January!




ACPA Frank W. Bachelor Award for 2012


The winner of the 2012 Frank W. Bachelor Award for Service to the Chemical Profession was Dr. Laurier Schramm. One of our original members, Dr. Schramm worked hard to get the ACPA up and running until he moved to Saskatoon to take up a position with the Saskatchewan Research Council. There he continued to advance the recognition of the profession and will be an asset to help the Saskatechewan chemists form their own association.


L. Schramm

Laurier Schramm receives his award from Frank Bachelor.


The recipients of this award receive a plaque and complimentary membership for life, subject to the recipient's continued qualification for Profession Chemist status. The award is named in honour of Frank Bachelor, Ph.D., P.Chem., who was a founding member of the ACPA, its first President, and a member of the Board of Directors for 12 years.



ACPA Scholarship Winners for 2012


The ACPA Undergraduate Scholarship in Chemistry was awarded to Marie Barnes (U. of Alberta). This scholarship requires both academic excellence in chemistry and dedicated service to the chemical profession.


M. Barnes

Kathy Janzen and scholarship winner Marie Barnes.


The Arthur Bollo-Kamara Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry went to Zonglin (Vincent) Yang (U. of Alberta). The winners of this scholarship must display academic excellence in chemistry, service to the chemical profession, service to the community, and achievement in the arts or cultural activities. 


V. Yang

Kathy Janzen and scholarship winner Vincent Yang.


The Awards Committee found both students to be exceptional candidates for their respective awards.


The graduate scholarship was named in memory of Dr. Arthur Bollo-Kamara, a former ACPA President who was instrumental in helping the ACPA become a full-fledged professional association. He was also a dedicated community volunteer and an accomplished musician.


Scholarship applications are available under Scholarships and Awards on the ACPA website. The deadline for 2013 applications is March 31.




ACPA Science Fair Winners for 2012


Each year, the ACPA presents two awards in chemistry at both the Edmonton Regional Science Fair (ERSF) and the Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF).


The ACPA Alberta Chemist Award went to Kaelyn Gras (Archbishop MacDonald, "Bisphenyl A in Epoxy Resin Lined Baby Formula Cans") in Edmonton and to Sarah Erion (Sir Winston Churchill High School, "Can Arsenic Replace Phosphorus in Cells?") in Calgary.


K. Gras

ACPA Alberta Chemist Award winner Kaelyn Gras.


S. Erion

ACPA Alberta Chemist Award winner Sarah Erion
and presenter Leslie May.


 The ACPA Rick Dillen Memorial Award in Chemistry went to Michael Gras and Brennon Grohn (Aurora Charter School, "Effective Effluent Expurgation - Heavy Metals Removal") in Edmonton and to Kate Ding and Megan Chan (Tom Baines School, "Fruit Peel Power") in Calgary. In Edmonton, an Honorable Mention went to Teron Callihoo (Barrhead Elementary, "Absorbing Oil").


Grohn and Gras

ACPA Rick Dillen Memorial Award winners
Michael Gras and Brennon Grohn.


Chan and Ding

ACPA Rick Dillen Memorial Award winners
Kate Ding and Megan Chan.


The Rick Dillen award is administered by the ACPA but is sponsored by the Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association in memory of an exemplary member of their Board.




Job Postings


Job postings are listed in the Careers page on the ACPA website. Please check this web page regularly for new postings that may have tight application deadlines.

Job advertisements are posted on the ACPA website for a three-month period. A $100 fee is charged for this service, but this fee will be waived for advertisements submitted by ACPA members in good standing (Professional Chemists or Chemists-in-Training) on behalf of their organizations. Ads may be e-mailed directly to the ACPA office.


Thanks to Ken Schmidt for providing photographs of ACPA members and events. The content of this newsletter is provided only as an information service to members. Inclusion of any information does not represent official positions, opinions or support of the Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta (ACPA), or its Officers, Directors, or staff members. The information is collected from a variety of sources and is circulated to the membership as information only. The ACPA does not guarantee that all submissions will be circulated and is not responsible for the accuracy of any information provided.

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